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Change Time/Date

DX-80 click here to: DX-80 Change Time 

***All Changes Must be Made from the Attendant's Station Phone
DXP, DXP Plus, FX series (Impact Classic and Impact SCS Phones):

ITCM, *, #, 0, *, 01, MM, DD, YY, HH, MM, #, SPKR to end

Executech, Executech II, or Centratech:

ITCM, *, #, YY, MM, DD, HH, MM

Executech XE:

ITCM, *, #, 01, YY, MM, DD, HH, MM, (Dial 1-7 for day of the week, where Sunday=1 and Saturday=7), MNTR or SPKR to end.

Executech 2000, Unisyn, DSU, DSUII, Americom, Express:

ITCM, *, #, 01, YY, MM, DD, HH, MM, SPKR to end


Comdial DX-80 Support

Comdial DX-80 User's Guide

DX-80 Station and System Speed Dial

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Comdial DSU Business Phone System

DSUII Attendant Manual

DSUII LCD Speakerphone User Guide

DSUII Non-LCD Speakerphone Guide


Comdial FX Business Phone System

FX Attendant Manual

FX LCD Speakerphone User's Guide

FX  Non-LCD Speakerphone


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